Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yahtzee storyboard

The first step in creating our project was making a storyboard. The storyboard shows how the user will navigate through the different screens. Balsamiq and droiddraw were used to develop the different boards.

This is the main storyboard. It illustrates how the user will navigate from launch, to menu options and eventually gameplay. How the user will reach each of these different screens is shown with the arrows. This helped us to realize all the different screens or activities we would need to create and a general idea of what they would look like.

These images were done with droiddraw. It shows a larger, more realistic view of certain screens. allows you to develop screen layouts visually and then generates xml code for it.

This is a second board that shows how gameplay will work. As you can see, first the user will be notified that they must shake to roll the dice, and then select the dice to keep. After a maximum of three rolls, the user must choose a scoring option by bringing up the scoresheet. This process repeats until all the scoring options are used and then the game is over.